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Historical-Based Games

Mission 2: Flight to Freedom

Available on All Online Browser Platforms
This gameplay is a more safe, age appropriate platform for teenagers, including interactive story-telling and less graphical scenery. Instructors can utilize this game to educate their students, utilizing the cause and effect concept, about the life in the “free” North during the enactment of the Fugitive Slave Act, which threatened all African Americans in the North.

This game can get students thinking about the lives of African American people in the 19th century, what people—slaves, abolitionists, politicians—could do to end slavery, and why enslaved people took the risk to escape when chances of success were so small.

God of War

Available on PS4
The action-adventure game can be utilized to educate students about Greek and Norse mythology in a historical fiction game that also enhances hand-eye coordination and problem-solving skills. The game was also highly praised for its story, music, and graphics, which can be employed in classrooms to evince the importance of an aesthetic game.


Available on Windows
The historical fiction game features references that can be employed in classrooms to educate students about Greek mythology along with emphasizing memory, stealth, hand-eye coordination, and creative skills. Graphics in the game depict the way ancient Greek mythology is interpreted and brought into light through an aesthetic scene.

Call of Juarez: Gunslinger

Available on PS3, Windows, & XBOX
Instructors can employ this video game in classrooms to inform students about the depiction of the traditional Old West setting and the brutality of bounty hunters and gunslinger duels. The game enhances skills such as memory and stealth, and also includes other historical narratives, such as the revealing involvement of an early 20th century president at the end of the game.

Critical Thinking Based

Her Story

Available on iOS, Windows, OS X, Android
This game can be used in classes to enhance students’ memory and critical thinking skills in a thrilling way. The goal of the interactive film video game is to allow the player to watch fictional video clips from police interviews and utilize the clips to solve the case of a missing man.

The Last of Us

Available on PS3 & PS4
The action-adventure survival horror game can enhance hand-eye coordination skills, memory skills, and problem solving skills. It can also creatively enhance students’ listening and story comprehension skills since the game revolves solely on the story.

The Stanley Parable

Available on Windows, OS X, Linux
Instructors can utilize this interactive storytelling game to enhance critical thinking and problem solving skills. Since this game’s story splits off into numerous possibilities, students enhance their comprehensive and memory skills to get to the final ending of the game.

Life is Strange

Available on Android, iOS, Linux, Windows, OS X, PS3, PS4, XBOX
The episodic graphic adventure game can be used in classrooms to fictionally incorporate the physics of time travel and the butterfly effect into a modern plot while also enhancing memory and story comprehension skills for students.


Available on Windows, PS3, XBOX, OS X, Android
Portal was acclaimed to be one of the most original games in 2007 because of the unique physics of the game that evinces the use of kinetic energy retaining through portals. This puzzle platform game can be utilized by instructors to edify students’ hand-eye coordination, critical-thinking skills, and can enhance cooperation and teamwork skills in its multiplayer mode.

Faster Than Light (FTL)

Available on Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS
The space-based, strategic game allows players to amplify critical thinking skills under a pressure-based environment where players play in a “roguelike” environment. It also includes elements of space physics such as the concept of “faster-than-light” travel.

Action/Adventure Graphics

Ninja Gaiden

Available on NES, Arcade. XBOX, Nintendo DS, PS3, Wii U/Virtual Console, Nintendo 3DS, Windows
The action-adventure game brings light to Japanese culture in an enhanced cinematic gameplay. This game can be employed in classrooms to teach students about the evolution of game visuals and graphics while also improving hand-eye coordination. Since the game and the series are known for its high degree of difficulty, Ninja Gaiden can also improve critical thinking skills in an action influenced situation.


Available on XBOX, PS3, iOS, Mac OS X, PC
The game’s concept incorporates of a 20th century dystopian utopia that was critically acclaimed for its unique setting structures and morality-based storylines. Through this game, students are able to learn about marine science fictional scenarios that can also enhance memory and problem solving skills.

Dark Souls

Available on PS3, XBOX, Windows, PS4, XBOX, Nintendo Switch
Dark souls received critical acclaim and is considered on of the greatest video games ever made due to its depths of its combats, intricate level design, and intense graphics. Creators of the game encourages players to learn from mistakes and find alternatives to the different endings and problems throughout the game, which can boost critical thinking capabilities.


Available on Windows, PS4, OS X, Linux iOS, Nintendo Switch
Instructors can employ this game in classrooms to show the endless graphics and visuals involved in the game, along with enhancing story comprehension for students and strengthening critical thinking skills.

The Witcher 3

Available on Windows, PS4, XBOX, Switch
The particular, specific development of the game visuals creates a visually appealing environment that reels players to continuously play and also avoids simplification and imparts authenticity. The exploration game emphasizes player involvement and critical thinking in order to achieve the several game endings.

To The Moon

Available on Windows, OS X, Linux, Android iOS, Nintendo Switch
The artistic expression in To The Moon was highly praised for having thematic material and emotional power through narrative and music. Instructors can employ this game in classrooms to strengthen students’ problem solving skills and memory skills in a stoic, emotional way.

Science Fiction

Mass Effect

Available on XBOX, Windows, iOS, PS3, Android, Wii U, PS4, XBOX
This game emphasizes on player choice affecting the experience, which can give students the ability to enhance critical thinking skills and problem-solving skills in an aesthetic way through artistic science fiction.


Available on Windows, macOS, Nintendo 64
The game’s high quality cinematics not only integrate with the storyline but also creates an aesthetic visual gameplay that allows players to not only enjoy the game, but magnifies their depiction of space and strategic skills.


Available on XBOX, Windows, OS X, iOS Arcade
Halo offers experiences in science fictional gameplay that can be utilized to enhance physical skills, memory skills, and stealth skills. The highly proclaimed series brings emphasis on the large capacity of space, space travel, and the possibilities of other space beings. The graphics in Halo evince the these features in an appealing way that can enhance creative, thought provoking natures in students.

World of Warcraft

Available on Windows, macOS
A massive multiplayer game, World of Warcraft (WoW) can enhance players’ communication skills, stealth, hand-eye coordination, and writing/literacy. As one of the world’s most popular multiplayer games, WoW provides a safe, age appropriate environment where players can work together in series of problem-solving instances.

Realistic Simulations


Available on Windows, Linux, Mac OS, Wii, Playstation/3, Nintendo 64/64DD/DS, iOs, Android, PC
SimCity offers an interactive, open-ended platform that allows students to be involved in construction management and learn about the determination and decisions behind development zones, tax rates, budgets, social policies, landmarks, etc. The SimCity game offers a platform for players to achieve an aesthetic design, re-create real-life locations, control the nature of their location, etc.

The Sims

Available on Windows, macOS, PS2, XBOX, Nintendo DS/3DS, Android, PS3, PS4, XBOX, Wii, iOS
This game can be utilized in a fun, interactive way to instruct students about interior design, experiencing life choices, and reflection on human nature (social needs, economic needs, health needs, etc.). The game offers engagement in social and economic systems, such as working in retail, and infinite customization that allows the player to design to larger extents.


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