Courtney Rivard

Director of Digital Literacy and Communications Lab


Sarah Boyd

Department Photographer


Grant Glass

Assistant Director of Digital Literacy and Communications Lab



David Hall

Graduate Data Management Specialist


Hannah Montgomery

Graduate Social Media Manager



Mark Meyer

Video Producer/Undergraduate Intern


Photo pf Garland Rieman

Garland Rieman

Video Producer/Undergraduate Intern



Erik Maloney

Graduate Communications Editor


Emily Youree

Graduate Photography Specialist


Photo of Bailey Fernandez, taken by Emily Youree

Bailey Fernandez

Graduate Communications Specialist


Photo of Katherine Stein, taken by Emily Youree

Katherine Stein

Graduate Social Media Specialist


Photo of Kaitlyn Dang, taken by Heidi Hannoush

Kaitlyn Dang

Undergraduate Intern


Photo of Mikayla Goss, taken by Heidi Hannoush

Mikayla Goss

Undergraduate Intern


Photo of Heidi Hannoush, taken by Emily Youree

Heidi Hannoush

Undergraduate Intern


Photo of Caroline Willard, taken by Heidi Hannoush

Caroline Willard

Undergraduate Intern

Elliot Melfi

Game Studies Specialist Intern