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The DLC lab designs and maintains the English and Comparative Literature Departmental website. As one of the first places many people look for information about the department, the website is a vital part of the department’s public image and must effectively represent the department. We aim to provide a website that is up to date, aesthetically appealing, and easy to use, that presents, along with the ECL social media, a cohesive image of the department. One of our ongoing projects is to make the ECL website more accessible and easier to navigate so that everyone can easily find important information about our department.

To create or update a faculty, staff, or graduate student profile, please use the forms below. If you have questions or changes about existing pages on the website, please contact the DLC.


The DLC lab’s media team visually documents life in the department, from campus candids to event and promotional photography. Our work aims to capture the essence of English and Comparative Literature at UNC and create a photo archive of classes, events, and stock images for use in department promotion and visual storytelling.

The DLC lab offers photography and video services to the department for classes, events, and other scholarly endeavors. Other services include individual portrait photography and photo editing. Our photo and video services are reserved for ECL faculty and graduate students. Request our services online or stop by the lab to make arrangements in person.

Please note that we require at least two weeks’ notice to schedule media services. We will confirm the request within two days of recieving it.


Web and Media Request Forms