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The Digital Literacy and Communications Lab podcast team engages with podcasting as a medium for innovative storytelling, research, and scholarly communication. As an accessible, medium that provides a space to cultivate an audience for niche interests, podcasts are a valuable venue for developing public humanities projects. Our goal is to help members of the ECL community take advantage of the unique affordances of podcasts (e.g., for dialogue, conversation, and lively investigation) in their scholarly activities as humanities scholars, educators, and learners/students.
In addition to producing our own podcast, Not a Novel, the DLC podcast team is working to build a community of podcasters within ECL as both a network for support and collaboration, and a platform to amplify voices within the department. We also seek to help new podcasters find their voice by providing space and support for graduate students to experiment with using podcasting, and other digital productions, for connecting to other scholars in their field and publicly communicating their research.

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