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Enjoy the rest of online class with this variety of fun Zoom backgrounds brought to you by the DLC Lab and ECL! 


If you miss Greenlaw as much as we do, feel free to put yourself right back into the action of the Greenlaw Gameroom!

Now you don’t even have to leave your own hobbit hole to complete your classes!



Maybe you miss the beautiful surroundings of our beloved Greenlaw. If so, it can be like you never left with these backgrounds! 


Now, we all have the chance to put ourselves between the great breakup of Jo and Laurie in Little Women.


Ten points for Gryffindor! Turn your home office into the iconic school of wizardry with this background. 


The Lion, the Witch, and the Stay-at-Home. Here is a magical background to add a bit of adventure to your lecture.


Turn your house into the Overlook Hotel with this chilling Red Hallway from the Shining!

You can’t explore the real world right now, but let yourself explore the Minecraft world! 



The World’s Best Boss? More like the World’s Best Zoom Student. Put Yourself into the Office, even if that’s at home. 


Turn your living room into the living room of America’s most beloved cartoon family!

You don’t even have to get up to go to the kitchen when you can do your classes from the comfort of Bob’s Burgers. 

Online school doesn’t mean you have to put down Animal Crossings quite yet. Let this background transport you into your own village! 


Ew, David! Turn your home into Schitt’s Creek finest motel establishment–the Rosebud Motel.



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