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Please join the Digital Literacy and Communications (DLC) lab for 3 exciting Critical Game Studies events next week with Dr. GaspardPelurson from Kings College London. His visit to UNC has been generously funded by the IAH’s Kings College London Fund. Food will be served at all events. Undergraduates are particularly welcome at the Wednesday lecture so please share with relevant students. 

Dr. Pelurson is a Lecturer in Culture, Media and Creative Industries at King’s College London. His recent monograph — Manifestations Queerness in Video Games (2022) — concerns the intersections of game, media, queer, and gender studies.

Tuesday, April 11 (2:00-3:15) – Twine Workshop: Disruptive Play & Game Design (Greenlaw 316)

Event materials: (1)Twine-Tutorial MUSIC (2) Workshop – Disruptive Play and Game Design (3) Twine Tips


Wednesday, April 12 (3:30-5:00) – Lecture: “Wandering Through Paths and Pixels—Queer (Game) Flânerie and Effervescence” (Donovan Lounge, Greenlaw)


Thursday, April 13 (12:00-1:15) – Seminar: Exploring Queer and “Deviant” Gaming Practices (Greenlaw 316) 

Readings for seminar: Pelurson CH5: Manifestations of Queerness 

Past Events:


Flyer for Science Fiction & Games in the Classroom with Stephanie Kinzinger. This workshop is part of the Critical Game Studies Initiative's Plug and Play Series that aims to equip instructors with short assignments that can be easily incorporated into their classes. Following Dr. Katherine Buse’s presentation two weeks ago, “Playing with the Climate: Situatedness and Immerselessness in Environmental Video Games,” we will play Outer Wilds by Mobius Digital (2019) and engage concepts of critical play and pedagogy to develop an understanding of environmental simulation, entanglements of space-time and the self, and the logics of meaning-making through exploration. Greenlaw Hall 316 | 03.03.23 | 10:00-11:00AM








teaching with games flyer


Flyer: Critical Smash Tournament Thursday November 18 5-6:30 Greenlaw Gameroom Greenlaw 316


Flyer: Gamenight with CoLEAGS and the Greenlaw Gameroom November 12 6:00 pm Virtually over zoom and limited in-person in the Greenlaw Gameroom