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Not a Novel Podcast

“Not a Novel” is an open-to-all podcast hosted by graduate students working in the DLC lab. We discuss elements of story-telling in all its forms, tackling themes, genres, and different media and how they affect the story. None of us claim to be experts on the concepts we discuss in the podcast, and we don’t expect you to be either. Formatted as a roundtable discussion, the podcast is designed to be inclusive of all voices regardless of expertise, and we often select topics for their approachability. There are no required readings. Everyone brings a unique perspective, and we want to hear yours.

Look out for posters around Greenlaw and posts on ECL social media, then come chat with us!

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Not a Novel: Animation Oct. 26 @ 4:00 DLC Lab (Greenlaw 321)

Not a Novel: Animation

Wednesday Oct. 26 @ 4:00 DLC Lab (Greenlaw 321)

Join the Not a Novel podcast as we talk about ANIMATION! What does animation as a medium add to storytelling? What can be done in animation that can’t be done in live action? Is CGI a form of animation? Come join the conversation and make a podcast with us!



Season 5:

Season 5 Episode 1: True Crime

Flyer for Not a Novel: true crime podcast

Seasons 5 Episode 2: Fan Culture

Flyer for Not a Novel: Fan Culture podcast

Season 4:

Season 4 Episode 1: Horror Sequels

Flyer for Not a Novel: Horror Sequels podcast

Season 4 Episode 2: Breaking the Fourth Wall

flyer for Not a Novel: Breaking the fourth wall podcast


Season 3



Season 2




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