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Greenlaw Gameroom Promotional Video

Launched in 2020, the Greenlaw Gameroom is the first gaming-centered classroom at UNC, designed to provide instructors with the resources and support they need to integrate games into their classes. By providing access to the sometimes costly technology as well as instruction in games and gameplay, the Gameroom breaks down accessibility barriers and provides a playful space for teaching and learning with games. The Gameroom is the cornerstone of the Department of English & Comparative Literature’s Gaming Initiative that brings a humanistic lens to the study and teaching of games. will also allow the Gameroom to act as a hub for innovative research into games and collaboration between the diverse perspectives and expertise.

The space is equipped with five large screens, 5 PlayStation 4’s, Nintendo Switches, and associated controllers, together with an ever increasing library of games. With a seating capacity of 25, the classroom features a flexible design with moveable desks and chairs to enable all types of gaming, including tabletop games. 

To apply to teach in the Greenlaw Gameroom, fill out this form. For research related inquiries, please contact the Director the Gaming Initiative, Dr. Courtney Rivard