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The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit


Take on the role of a young boy grieving the loss of his mother by escaping into his imagination, making choices that affect the world and your relationships with the people around you.

The Republia Times

The Republia Times Trailer

In this game, you are the editor for a major newspaper in an oppressive authoritarian dictatorship whose family is being held hostage by the regime. What stories will you publish?


Cave Story 

This metroidvania style platform-adventure game was developed by a single person, and tells the story of the amnesiac robot Quote and his journey through the floating island of the Mimigas.


Explore a cave, collect treasure, die, do it again — this is the simple formula at the core of this 2008 roguelike platformer, whose precise mechanics and challenging procedurally generated levels offer great replayability.


Dwarf Fortress

This game, in which an entire world and its history is procedurally generated for each run, has you construct and manage the titular dwarf fortress in order to provide for the survival of the dwarves — the game is difficult and unforgiving, but the depth of its systems provides for a rewarding learning experience, and each iteration will have a story to be told inside. “Losing is Fun!”

Minecraft Classic

You and up to 9 friends can all play the classic survival and exploration game for free from the browser, in a recreation of the original 2009 game.



This site provides free, online access to one of the classic strategy board games which was reportedly a favorite of John F. Kennedy, Henry Kissinger, and Ray Bradbury among others — move armies and fleets, but above all, negotiate with other players.


This site provides access to a selection of free tabletop boardgames hosted in a virtual environment — pair with Zoom for the face to face interaction and you can get a pretty good facsimile of board game night going from within quarantine.



This game distribution platform regularly provides free access to games, including some real classics — poke around and see what catches your eye!


Epic, based in Cary, has started offering free games every few days, so check back regularly to see if their current offering appeals to you.

Free Collections provides access to a wide variety of free resources, including some of the older games around — it takes a little work to find what you are looking for but I can recommend the Internet Arcade collection and the MS-DOS Games collection; the former has a number of old coin-operated arcade games while the latter has very early PC games such as the original Oregon Trail.

This last site is also a repository of a huge number of free games which is hard to even begin to sift through — from narrative-based adventures to multiplayer shooters, every genre is represented, so sort by popular and see what other people are playing or try and find a diamond in the rough.


If you would like another game to be added to the game room, request here.